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Courtesy car terms and conditions

Please read the T & C's

Please take the time to read the terms and conditions and feel free to ask us about anything that you may be unsure of, before signing for a courtesy car. You will also be provided with a copy of the terms listed on this page.

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1. Some insurers will insure the courtesy car that we provide you, whilst your car is on site with us. We will advise you accordingly. This means your own insurance policy excess will apply along with your insurers terms and conditions.

2. The excess for you to be covered under our insurance is £600 for each claim for damage caused to our courtesy car. This also includes glass damage.You may provide your own insurance for our courtesy car, but we must have a cover note from your insurance company and the car must be covered by a fully comprehensive policy. A cover note must be faxed to us on 01892 513274 or emailed to

3.Courtesy Cars are expected to be returned with the same amount of fuel as stated on the rental agreement. Cars returned with significantly less fuel will be charged to you at £12+ VAT per quarter of a tank. If the car is fitted with a digital fuel gauge it will be charged at £6+ VAT per bar

4. Mileage restrictions do apply to our cars, based on an average of 50 miles per day, and a charge of 20 pence per mile thereafter (on our insurance). Please check with your insurer as they may apply different mileage restrictions based upon your own policy. (you may find the details in your policy booklet).

5. If you are taking the car into a congestion zone or low emission zone, you will be fully liable for any charges made against the courtesy car and it is your responsibility to ensure all charges are paid to the relevant authorities. This also includes, but not limited to, any parking, speeding or toll fines. We strongly recommend that any fines or costs incurred against our courtesy car are paid promptly, As PK Motors lease the courtesy cars and the leasing company add an administration fee of at least 25 + VAT to each fine incurred. PK Motors will make a similar charge and will recover all costs through the courts if necessary.

6. Any tyre damage including punctures will be your responsibility and must be repaired or replaced before returning our car to us. If we have to replace/repair a tyre on your behalf, a charge of £25 + VAT will be added to the final bill. Cars fitted with an emergency tyre repair foam kit will have to have the foam and tyre replaced. Alloy wheel refurbishment cost is 68 + VAT per damaged wheel.

7. Courtesy cars not available for return within 24 hours of completion of repairs will be subject to a general hire rate of £30 + VAT per day.

8. Any damage caused to the interior of the courtesy car will be charged to you in full. Stained seats or interior trims will result in a full valet charge of 65 + VAT. This includes, but not limited to, Food, Drink, Mud, Ink, Vomit.

9. We have a strict policy of NO SMOKING OR ANIMALS in our courtesy cars. It is now also illegal to smoke in the cars and breaking these rules will result in a £65 + VAT valet charge, payable at the time the car is returned.

10. We do understand that it is not always possible to clean the courtesy cars before you hand the car back, but we do provide the cars clean and ask that the cars are kept clean whilst in your possession, as they may need to go straight to another customer. If it is returned so dirty that we cannot check it for damage i.e. scratches, a cleaning fee of £20 + VAT will be payable to us upon return / handover. Any new damage found once cleaned will lead to a claim on your insurance. Note: (Spa Car Wash) is situated at the beginning of our road.

11. All courtesy cars are supplied with a handbook situated in the glove box or door pocket, which will provide details of breakdown procedures and numbers for you to call should you need assistance. Please be aware that these services may incurr a cost to you.

12. If you lock the key in the courtesy car a £30 + VAT fee will be payable if we have to come out with the spare key. There is no charge if you collect the spare key from us and return it within 24 hours. Lost keys will be charged to you at full cost of replacement (this may also include the locks).

13. If you have to pay an excess, the excess amount is paid directly to P.K. Motors ARC ltd.We accept Cash, Debit/Credit Card. A cheque must be cleared before your vehicle is released

Please ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions in full and that you check the car thoroughly for any damage before signing for the courtesy car

Thankyou for entrusting your vehicle to us.We would like to assure you that it is in very good hands and the repairs will be carried out in accordance with manufacturers specifications. Our team of highly trained technicians will repair your vehicle as quickly as possible, but please be aware that good quality repairs may take time.When repairs are completed your car will be cleaned inside and out

We are unable to supply a courtesy car if you are not able to provide us with your driving license as this is a legal requirement when handing over a courtesy car. We will also require credit or debit card details to use as security against the courtesy car. Card details are not taken to automatically pay an excess.

Managing Director. Mr. Philip Rawlingson



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  • Dear customer.

    You have chosen to accept a courtesy car from PK Motors whilst you car is with us for repairs. Courtesy cars are provided by us at your insurance company's request. The cars are leased by PK Motors and any damage caused to our cars whilst in your care must be rectified before the car goes off lease, no matter how minor the damage may seem !

    We are unable to supply a courtesy car if you are not able to provide us with your driving license as this is a legal requirment when handing over a courtesy car. We will also require credit or debit card details to use as security against the courtesy car. Card details are not taken to automatically pay an excess.

    We have a range of class A courtesy cars mostly 5 doors and all fitted with air bags. All of our cars use unleaded fuel. Air bags may not be disabled in some models of courtesy cars that we use.Please advise us if you plan to fit a child seat to the front passenger seat.


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